Corporate Responsibility

Otera is an important supplier in a industry critical for everyday life. Thus, it is in Otera's nature that we should take responsibility for the society we are building. We are environmentally conscious, concerned with competence, health and safety. We create profitable jobs with significant ripple effects and we have a high ethical standard.

Otera is an IA company (inclusive work life). Otera cooperates with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) through various project  to help young people enter the labor market. The projects provides Otera with an opportunity to help young people find employment, while passing along our expertise. This gives the youngsters a unique training so that they are well equipped for working life. In return they may become good and motivated colleagues in Otera.

Otera sees it as part of its corporate social responsibility to help educate next-generation professionals. Therefore, Otera is still taking new apprentices. That way, we also ensure recruitment to our own organization, through the creation of good working methods and values ​​that enable the apprentice to become a skilled professional in permanent work, for example in Otera.

In Otera, our employees will have the opportunity to further develop themselves. This is done through relevant courses and employee interviews. Through this effort, employees who wish to further develop their own skills, are given an opportunity to be the best professionals they an be in our industry. We are committed to constantly developing competene, which means that our customers get the best results at all times.

Otera's work affects society. Our ethical guidelines are of great importance for ensuring unified and professional conduct, so that we are a positive influence on society.

Otera has a high ethical standard in all we do to ensure competitiveness and reputation. It is our duty to act with integrity and in accordance with laws and regulations. Otera's ethical guidelines, which serves as guidance for our actions, apply to all executives, employees, board members, retirees and others acting on behalf of Otera.

Otera strives to be as climate-neutral as possible. We do this by focusing on energy consumption in our own buildings, and working with relevant partners to minimize emissions from our cars. We are also actively working to reduce travels, especially for meetings. This cuts travel expenses and reduces emissions associated with transportation. In Otera we want to use technology to create a win-win-win situation for the company, our employees and the environment.

Recycling is a area in which Otera does well. Waste is sorted and we are installing recycling areas at more locations.