Supplier Requirements

Otera runs professional procurement processes with equal treatment of all suppliers.

Otera's procurement of goods and services is based on tender competition for projects as well as framework agreements with wholesalers and direct suppliers. Requirements for HSE, quality, environment, ethical guidelines and good business practice are very important factors for Otera when purchasing.

The standard terms for purchases in Otera apply to all deliveries from supplier of goods and / or services to all Otera companies.

Ethical guidelines: Otera requires suppliers and other business partners to comply with our ethical guidelines. We will ensure that these guidelines are enforced through contracts and other cooperation agreements.

Unreported employment and social dumping are not accepted in any way. We expect our suppliers and business associates to comply with applicable laws and to be responsible for maintaining knowledge of current regulations. Among the social contractual terms the supplier undertakes to comply with are the UN Human Rights Declaration, national legislation and relevant ILO Conventions.

Suppliers, customers and other business associations acting on behalf of Otera must not persue personal benefits of any kind. Refrain from any personal benefits that may affect or be likely to affect decisions. This also applies to all employees.

We distance ourselves from unlawful cooperation and expects suppliers to act in accordance with good business practice. This applies to competitors, as well as to customers and suppliers. Examples of illegal cooperation include:

  • Price cooperation: Competitors agree on prices.
  • Tender cooperation. Competitors coordinate prices and terms before a bid or offer.
  • Market sharing: Competitors agree to share customers or territories between themselves, fix quotas or agree on product specialization.

Suppliers and subcontractors must at all times comply with applicable laws, collective agreements and the temporary employment agency directive. The supplier is also obliged to comply with Otera's ethical guidelines. Download: Otera's ethical manual :: Otera Ethics

HSE: HSE is always on top of the agenda. HSE shall be given the highest priority in our own and our suppliers' businesses. We require that suppliers have an active HSE system based on current legislation, adapted to the company's business area and size. With the intention of constantly improving, there must be a well-functioning system for handling deviations.

Our suppliers should have a vision for zero accidents, that is, the goal of H1 = 0 and the target for H2 <10. The goal for sick leave must be equal to the supplier's industry or lower.

Quality: Our suppliers must have a quality system tailored to the company's business area and size. This implies that a functional system for handling deviations should be established in order to constantly improvements operations.

Environment: Otera's customers expect that we have a high focus on the environment. Our suppliers must help us contribute to the best possible environment. By continuous evaluation of the production processes, we constantly look for improvements in production, transportation, waste management, the use of chemical substances, workmanship and such.

General: If Otera's suppliers use subcontractors, Otera's requirements also apply to these. In order to ensure that our suppliers comply with the demands we make, Otera will reserve the right to carry out audits of the companies.

We are always looking to reduce costs, both for Otera and our suppliers. Thus, we only accept electronic invoices. Electronic invoices reduce processing time, increase quality and represents a common effort for the environment through reduced paper usage. We emphasize that invoices sent by e-mail are not electronic invoices.