Electric Power

Otera has more than 100 years of experience from electrical power. What is modern is constantly changing. We have changed accordingly to deliver top-level solutions.

High and low voltage
Otera plans, builds and operates electrical high and low voltage systems. This includes the construction, operation and maintenance of transformer substations, lines and cables at voltage levels up to and including 420 kV. Otera offers these services mainly in Norway and Sweden, but also in other parts of the world.

Operation and maintenance
In addition to projects, Otera also provides operation and maintenance services in both regional and distribution networks in Hordaland, Rogaland, Agder, Telemark and Buskerud. Otera has repeatedly proven the ability to handle situations with major fallouts due to extreme weather conditions or natural disasters.

Strong professionals
Otera offers one of the premier professional environments for construction of line, cable and station facilities.

Regional Grid

Otera performs a variety of tasks on lines and stations at all voltage levels - up to and including 420 kV.

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Distribution Grid

Otera delivers assembly services to grid companies in Norway and Sweden. We plan, build and operate high voltage and low voltage systems.

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