Employee safety is always the highest priority. Otera's vision is zero work-related accidents.

Otera is a company in which employees should be as healthy when they go home, as they were when they came to work. Our HSE slogan "Every Employee Safe Home" underlines this. We will not accept that our employees are injured while at work.

A job should always be preformed in an efficient and profitable manner, but this is always trumphed by safety. Otera strives to ensure that employees think preventive safety in all their work tasks. Otera's culture is to care for each other. This includes an expectation of reminding colleagues of the importance of safety.

Otera's safety practices are designed to support employee safety and health, which will also increase Otera's competitiveness, as high marks in HSE is considered a business strength.

The reporting of unwanted events sharpens focus on safety and contributes to fewer accidents. Otera's goal is to have at least three such reports per employee per year.

Reporting of unwanted events is the easiest and most important tool we have to reduce the number of accidents. Experience shows that an increase in such reporting causes a decrease in accidents.

Otera is an attractive workplace, with proud, committed, satisfied and loyal employees. Otera's goal is to have a yearly percentage of sick-leave below 4.25 percent.